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Wedding dates to (Potentially) avoid in 2020 & 2021

Welcome back! It's a NEW year and there are a lot of new engagements! Here are some dates to potentially avoid during your wedding planning process.

  • Personally important dates.

Check your (and your soon to be spouse's) personal calendar. Look for significant events such as family reunions, anniversaries and other family weddings.

  • Holiday Weekends.

Long weekends, where most would have Monday off work, can have disadvantages.

  • Travel and hotels may charge a premium.

  • Guests may have standing plans that they wouldn't want to miss.

  • will have an extra day for celebrating.

Dates in 2020 with extra days for celebrating: 01/17-20/2020; 02/14-17/2020;

05/22-25/2020; 07/03-05/2020; 09/04-07/2020; 10/09-12/2020; 12/25-27/2020 and 12/31/2020-01/03-2021.

**If you are planning a Christmas Wedding, check out December Inspiration post here.

Dates in 2021 with extra days: 01/01-03/2021; 02/12-15/2021; 05/28-31/2021; 07/02- 05/2021; 09/03-06/2021 and 10/08-11/2021.

Also, keep in mind Mother's Day and Father's Day, which both always fall on a Sunday.

  • Nearby Local Events.

Keep in mind major events nearby, which can affect the availability to reserve hotels and other vendors. Ball State events such as move-in weekend, Homecoming weekend, Family weekend and graduation could limit your options for vendors and guests accommodations.

  • Religious Holidays.

Be aware of religious and cultural holidays that may be observed by you or your guests.

  • Major Sporting Events.

Keep nearby sporting events in mind. It can affect travel and accommodations for your guests.

  • Indianapolis 500

  • Super Bowl

  • March Madness (Being held in Indianapolis on 04/03/2021)

  • Ball State sporting events

  • Indianapolis sporting events, such as the Colts, Pacers, Fever and Fuel.

Just remember, whichever date you choose, will become a memorable day for you and your soon to be spouse. The earlier you choose a date and send save-the-dates, the more chances that most can make it to celebrate with you!

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