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Micro Weddings: An Intimate Celebration with a Big Impact

In recent years, the popularity of micro weddings has been on the rise. With couples looking to have an intimate celebration with their closest family and friends, micro weddings offer an alternative to the traditional extravagant affair. But what exactly is a micro wedding? And how can you have it all, without spending it all?

A micro wedding is a wedding with a guest count of 50 or less. It brings together the best elements of a large wedding and an elopement, creating a unique and personalized experience for the couple and their loved ones. Contrary to popular belief, a micro wedding doesn't mean compromising on style, luxury, or the overall wedding experience. In fact, it allows couples to focus on the elements that matter most to them, without the pressure of fulfilling societal expectations.

So, how can you have it all without breaking the bank? Here are a few tips:

Choose an intimate venue: With a smaller guest count, you have the luxury of selecting a venue that may not be suited for larger events. Consider a charming outdoor garden, a cozy ballroom, or even your own backyard. These unique spaces often come at a lower cost than traditional wedding venues.

Outdoor Wedding at The Ballroom at Cardinal Hills

Prioritize your must-haves: Sit down with your partner and determine what aspects of the wedding are most important to you. Whether it's the food, the photography, or the entertainment, allocate your budget accordingly. By focusing on what truly matters, you can create a memorable experience within your financial means.

A couple wedding planning.

Embrace DIY: Micro weddings provide an opportunity to get creative and personalize every aspect of your special day. From making your centerpieces to designing your invitations, embracing DIY projects can save you money while adding a personal touch. You can read more about wedding DIY here.

DIY Wedding Crafts

Consider weekday weddings: Opting for a weekday wedding can significantly reduce costs. Many venues and vendors offer discounts for weekday events and your guest list is likely to be more flexible with their schedules. It's a win-win situation!

Wedding written on calendar.

Rethink the traditional wedding meal: Instead of a sit-down dinner, consider alternative options like a buffet, food stations, or even a cocktail-style reception. These alternatives can be more cost-effective and encourage mingling among your guests.

Wedding guests at buffet.

Keep the guest list intimate: One of the biggest advantages of a micro wedding is being able to celebrate with your closest family and friends. Be selective with your guest list and invite those who have played a significant role in your lives. Not only will this create a more intimate and meaningful experience, but it will also help reduce costs.

Micro weddings offer the perfect balance between luxury and intimacy, all while being budget-friendly. By prioritizing what truly matters to you and making thoughtful choices, you can create a beautiful and memorable celebration without spending a fortune. So, embrace the trend of micro weddings and have it all without spending it all!


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